I wanna take a dance class but I don’t wanna get COVID-19. Don’t worry. I gotchoo.

Choreo above is from the fantastic James Washington

As you may already know, I’m obsessed with dance. Specificaly hip hop dance. I typically take 1-3 classes a week. It’s a regular thing my body needs and it’s been lovely. This becomes complicated when COVID-19 hit my city and I am now forced to abstain for any group activities. How do I do that AND take dance class? Do I stop dancing?

Good heavens no. The solution is online dance classes.

I’ve been taking online dance classes for around 6 years. Some taught by teachers who show you step by step what to do. And some classes where I analyze the teacher’s moves and figure out what they’re doing step by step (this is REALLY FRIGGIN HARD and you really have to love the choreo if you wanna do this).

Lucky you I’m obsessed with dance and 90 percent of the people I follow in social media are dancers. So when COVID-19 hit and all the dance studios started shutting down I started seeing updates from teachers announcing their online classes.

This list will grow as I see things come through in my feeds. It will change daily and who knows how long the classes will be or what’s the quality. Some are just pop-ups. Some may do their classes daily. But if I’m adding it here it means one of the following:
1. I’ve taken their classes before, I know they’re great in real life
2. I’ve been told these classes are great by people I respect and I know they know what they’re talking about
3. I’ve never taken their classes but I’m obsessed with them in IG and so I’m guessing their classes are good.

I’m including all styles of dance – ballet to hip hop to any type of movement. Because DEAR GOD who knows how long this quarantine will last and frankly we should try new things cause WE GOT THE TIME.

I”m also including classes that are not necessarily dance-y. As a woman in her mid-40s I am embracing strengh training. So I’ve included strength classes, HIIT classes, and just classes that aren’t necessarily dance but will complement your dance moves dramatically.

Are these classes free?

Some are. Some aren’t. Even if they are free consider donating for the class because all the dance studios have shut down which means these people have lost a huge chunk of their salary. Most of these dancers only teach as their primary source of income. So this is not good.

Got an online dance class recommendation?

Tell me: Email elaine.take.this.class@gmail.com
Or follow me in IG and point me to cool stuff. I’ll add it to my story and to this list.


This is a no-brainer. They’ve been doing online dance classes for years and they have the BEST user experience for students. Front and back views, 15 second rewind so you can repeat a move over and over again.

The Studio North
I’ve been stalking this Vancouver studio for a while thinking to myself “when am I ever going to get to this place to take place?” I sigh with sadness…till now. AH-MAH-ZING dancers in this place so I’m looking forward to taking class with these people.

In the Groove Studios
This place is a home of great hip hop dance. Period. And thankfully they are starting some online classes.

Leslie Panitchpakdi
I was waiting for her to post that she’s going to do online classes. Reach out to her in IG to find out when she’s doing her next one. But for now she’s doing it tonight 3/17 at 7pm.

Project Home Dance
The friggin amazing Chris Martin and Larkin Poyton are teaching a class on Friday 3/20 in Youtube. I’ve taken their classes IRL and it’s such a goddamn wonderful experience.

D Montalvo
I’ve been taking class with D for many years. So it makes me happy he’s going to offer an online class in IG Live on 3/20 at noon. He’s also going to do a future contemporary class and you should follow him for updates.

Sila Poe Charukesnant
Poe is a true artist and I love that he’s spent alot of time figuring out how to teach an online class with feedback and notes. Check out his schedule and take his class.

Miguel Zarate
A Miguel Zarate class before 9pm??!! How insane but thanks to online classes it’s happening today 3/20 at 5pm PST.

Rocko Luciano
His moves are big and full of power and emotion. Try him out in his online class on 3/20 with Daniel Kang.

Aliya Janell
For the heels fans…learn from the master 3/18 at 4pm PST. Here’s hoping she does more so the people who live under you can hear you bounce that booty on the floor.

Jojo Gomez
The queen of hair flips and body grinds is teaching a class on Friday 3/20 at 4pm. Oh I hope she does more.

Sydnie La Rosa
More jazz funk than hip hop and super goddamn sexy. She’s doing virtual classes so check out her IG feed for class updates.

Ryan Heffington
OH MA GAH. The Ryan Heffington is teaching a class online. If you’ve ever taken his class at The Sweat Spot in LA you KNOW why you go. His class is transformative and he’s doing a class today March 17 at 10am. Here’s hoping he does more.

Betsy Struxness
I took Betsy’s class WERQ when she visited the Bay Area and it was full of joy. And FYI she was in Hamilton…the original cast. So you’re dancing with a legend.

CLI Studios
Check out their scheduled class times for the upcomign teachers. These are people who I know have packed classes and are rarely in my neighborhood (Bay Area).

Uforia Studios
I go here IRL so I know the vibe is great. And now they’re offering online classes 🙂

Devi Hadsell from Can’t Stop the Drop
Devi is offering hip hop and yoga classes. I’ve taken her classes IRL at Uforia so I know she gooood.

Benjamin Allen – GROOV3
Ben is the founder and creator of GROOV3 so honestly you’re learning from the pro. Fast glorious fun hip hop.

Confidance Fitness
They just started livestreaming their classes with Amethyst’s Hips & Hari Whips class.

Susan & Kerry GROOV3
Cute fun hip hop dancing with Kerry and Susan

Get Down Dance Studios
Need popping, hip hop, whacking, dancehall, locking? They got it for you. All online

Dance Vibes
Dance Vibes has been teaching in person AND online dance classes for a while. So not only do they have live classes but they have a considerable library of past classes you can taken on demand.

Mark Kanemura
Yes THAT Mark Kanemura who was a former backup dancer to Lady Gaga and is obsessed with Carly Rae Jepsen. He’s been hosting daily dance parties in his IG story.

Esteban Deleon
Sweetest guy ever. His dance classes are high energy killer fierce joy. He’s starting online dance classes on March 17 so reach out to him for the latest schedule.

Emerson Aquino
He hosted an online class yesterday and it went really well. So follow up for the latest updates of when he’s doing his next online Zoom class.

Lamesha Vine
I’ve been following this lady in IG for a while so when I saw her post today that she’s going to offer online classes I was like F&*K YEAH! Subscribe to her Youtube channel and it looks like she’s going to offer classes Tuesday & Thursday.

Alli Fritz
Tonight at 7pm this goddamn wonderful human being is teaching online. Look at her IG for the details and follow her for any upcoming popup online classes.

Montage Dance Productions
Glorious hip hop dance classes taught through Zoom.

Rae Studios
Not only does this place offer hip hop dance classes but they’ve got more fitness-y focused classes like express abs, bootcamp, BollyX, Pilates, and Cardio Dance. So they got it all.


Kristin Damrow & Company
One of my FAVORITE contemporary dance teachers posted an onine dance class that’s full of ups and downs and glorious movements that feel gooey and powerful. I love her and I think you’ll love her too.

Entity Contemporary Dance
This company inspires me so much and now they’re teaching some online classes so we can all EMOTE together.


Rebecca Lemme
I have not taken Rebecca’s class before but my friend S. Jean recommends her and I trust everything S. Jean tells me.


Abhilasha Jain
Bollywood goodness right here.


Zumba with Melody Mai
Even though I dance alot, ZUMBA kills me. THERE’S NO STOPPING. Melody is a wonderful Zumba instructor who is wonderful IRL and I’m sure her joy and exuberance will be obvious in the online class. She’s offering a free class on Saturday 3/21 but follow her on FB for updates on upcoming classes.

Dancing Alone Together
They’ve created a central resource of all dance based classes online. And they got ALOT.

Layers Resources for Dancers
This list seems to be more NY focused which is hella great cause I don’t get to go to much NY dance classes these days. (Thanks Christina Z. for the recommendation).

New York City Dance Alliance
Yesterday they posted an online class with Dana Wilson. Today it’s Joey Dowling. Tomorrow? Who knows but it’s gonna be good.
Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Debbie Allen
Yes. THAT DEBBIE ALLEN. Who knows if she’s going to do this repeatedly but on 3/18 at 1pm PST she’s teaching a free class.

Joseph Corella and 567 Broadway
Joseph has been teaching broadway dance in person and online for a while. So go take his class, bring your top hat, and strut.


Heather Robertson
I can’t say enough good things about this woman. She offered a FREE 12 week workout plan in Youtube at the beginning of the year and I’ve been doing the classes in between my regular dance stuff. AND JESUS CHRIST THEY ALL HURT. She’s great. She’ll hurt you but she’s great. What I really like about her strength and HIIT classes is she’s got the production value down perfectly. You follow her classes with her so you do exactly what she does and everything is timed out with cues of when to stop, when to keep going, and when to rest in a sweaty pile.

Heather Alaine
I’ve been following her on IG for a whiel but can never get to her class cause she’s far away from me. But now with Zoom I can take her class several times a day. She teahes a breathing, grounding & stretching class and a strength class that looks pretty damn good.

The Assembly
I’ve taken Shawn’s STRONGER class IRL so I know the quality is good. Now he’s got his classes online. I took Danielle’s online Barre Fusion class and EVERYTHING was on fire. They video record it in their studio so it’s as if you’re really there….but you’re home…quarantined.

I’m not the only one tracking all of this joy.

Lily has created a site which not only lists online dance classes like me but she’s also detailed ways you can help the dance community. These people keep us healthy and joyful….and they don’t have benefits. So consider donating to these teachers or buying a class package so we can make sure these studios do open once this pandemic subsides.

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    Where are you seeing them post online classes? I looked in their FB and IG but didn’t see anything.

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