Xmas in LA

This Xmas we decided to drive down to LA in a rented Buick LeSabre. For the past few holidays we’ve rented cars thus making our neighbors believe we are insane since we have three cars just sitting waiting to be used. Doesn’t matter. I’m originally from LA, we need options. When I’m driving down the 5 I want to grind the brakes, test out the rear trunk to see how many bodies can fit in it, set cruise control to 90 and mock mock mock American car design while still enjoying their bounciness. The LeSabre didn’t disappoint. Power seats, huge window shields, and ridiculously oversized cup holders ready and waiting for Biggee Gulps.

Apparently Avis has decided to include XM Radio in certain cars, particularly the LeSabre. I’ve always thought XM Radio was some silly invention for those really shishi people who can’t bear to hear commercials. It’s basically cable radio and it’s awesome. Driving down the 5 listening to non-stop techno music on BPM was awesome. Going through the Grapevine? No problem, all clear. Wanna hear adult contemporary in Firebaugh? Yanni is with you loud and clear. While I still don’t believe it’s needed in regular city commutes, it’s definitely something to consider when driving long distances. Especially when you’re bopping to some cool song on the radio that you think is some trendy, xtra modern band and realize that it’s an old band that you listened to back when you used Aqua Net.

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