I Heart Joss

2000-2003 tend to be a blur with all the project launches I helped with at these 2 companies. I missed alot. I didn’t see friends. I ate too much Pirates Booty. I convinced myself bean dip was lunch. I gained 20 pounds. I didn’t read books. And I missed Firefly. Never again will I let that happen.

I jumped on the Buffy and Angel bandwagon a few years after it started so missing Joss Whedon’s futuristic western is nothing new to me. Oh sure, you true fans will just think I’m a poser. But I know I am a truly sick Joss fan. I now own Firefly series. That means I own most of Joss Whedon’s creations (I can’t buy the movie verson of Buffy. It was truly horrible). This is not healthy.

So I’m 3 episodes away from finishing the Firefly tv series and I can’t wait till September. Which not only is my anniversary but the opening of Serenity.

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