What should we tip him?

Yesterday night I had dinner with my friend Mark at Il Fornaio. I can hear my brother chuckle when I say that because when I graduated from college, my celebration dinner was at Il Fornaio. For some reason my brother decided that he was going to drink and eat alot of bread. No good came of this and I hear the janitorial department at Il Fornaio were really upset with him for what he did in the bathroom. Anywho….to kind of change my perception of this restaurant I’ve gone there twice since then, the dinner with Mark being the second. So clean slate, trying to do over. But I don’t think it’s going to happen again.

The service was fine, actually it was great. Even though he slipped the peppermill from his hand having it crash into the oil plate thus knocking it everywhere ….at least he was apologetic. But the food was just bad.

Which comes to my problem. When the food is bad, should you say something? I didn’t and usually I don’t because really…what can be done that will satisfy both parties.

Although waiter rant didn’t answer my question, it clarified some things I wondered about eating at a restaurant.

Whatever you do, don’t eat the gnocchi at Il Fornaio. It’s just no good.

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