Pride and Prejudice

I just saw the latest version of Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and I really wanted to like it. It’s the winter season, give me a movie with British people and there’s a 75 percent chance I’m going to like it. I’m easy that way. Get a bunch of people sitting in nice outfits in a pretty room talking about the weather while their emotions are squashed under an air of civility, I’m probably going to like it. Too bad I don’t understand Chinese because I hear they make great soap operas that echo this sentiment.

Local tv has been playing the 8 hour BBC version and with every commercial they’ve been playing the preview for the Keira Knightley movie. So, like the sucker I am I paid money to see the new creation. And no, it wasn’t as good as the 8 hour version. Gentlemen, could you reduce the three Lord of the Rings movies down to a 2 hour film. No. Definitely not. And that’s the same for this movie.

Movie Pros
House where the Bennets live does give the feeling of their middle class.
Lydia and Kitty do look like 15 year old girls.

Movie Cons
Script was horribly condensed.
Uncomfortable transitions from scene to scene.
Not enough time to revel in the moments when Darcy and Elizabeth are together.
You don’t really understand how wicked Wickham is.
Elizabeth and Jane’s relationship isn’t as strong as you know it was written.
The father and mother (The Bennetts) actually care for each other. That is not so.
You don’t feel the full strength of how ridiculous Lydia is.
Georgiana. Do we even know how important she is?

I could go on and on. If you want to see this wonderful story properly told, buy the BBC version. Nothing has beat it thus far.

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