I Am Such a Girl

I just finished watching Peter Jackson’s King Kong and I cried. Not little tears, full on bawling that required a box of tissues to clean myself up.

I cried for King Kong.

I seriously went into this movie expecting to hate it. I didn’t like Lord of The Ring and I thought this movie was simply going to be yet another experiment in CGI where everything looked fake. Yes it had ridiculous CGI. And the painful script didn’t help much either (Beauty killed the beast). But GOD that monkey looked real.

That moment where skinny Adrien Brody drags Naomi Watts through the cave and on to a dingy a very uncomfortable washed over me. I actually care about the monkey. I know what’s going to happen, he’s going to die and I’m going to cry full on tears for this unreal, completely computer generated creation.

This is about as frustrating as the time when I cried at Bridges of Madison County. Correction, EVERYTIME I cry at Bridges of Madison County. There hasn’t been one moment yet where I don’t get totally destroyed when Meryl Streep struggles with the door handle while friggin Clint Eastwood is in front of her deciding if he should turn or get out of the car and get the woman he loves. I read the book. I hated the book. As an English major I completely see how I’m being set up. But Lord every time Meryl gets to that final scene in the car I’m completely destroyed.

Which now make me concerned everytime I see that monkey sign the word “beautiful” on his chest am I going to well up in tears?

God I’m so embarrassed.

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