No Excuses

I don’t exercise regularly. I’m not motivated and I really should be. The thirtysomething body does not bounce back and stay as slim and wonderful as a young lithe 20 something body. Thus I run…whenever I can….which isn’t much. One of my big excuses is I get bored. Running is boring. Unlike some people I know who categorize exercise with breathing, I hate it. So its really really important to have good music while you’re running because you’ll forget what you’re doing. Seriously I zone out while running. I don’t talk to anyone, I just stare into nothing focusing on the music pretending I’m anywhere but on a treadmill. So far this mix has helped me forget what I’m doing. And yes it’s probably a whole marketing campaign targeting lazy people like me who really wished the Thighmaster worked.

It worked Nike. Here’s my $9.99.

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