ReplayTV + Setting Volume Controls

I’m a big fan of DVRs. Huge. I have Comcast DVR in one room and a ReplayTV DVR in another. If I watch a commercial I truly feel that I’ve lost a small portion of my life and the DVR actually makes me feel that I’m making the most of my tv experience. True, I am spending that time watching Nip/Tuck and the new season of Project Runway, but seriously DVRs have changed my life and I never want to go back.

So it hurts me at my very core when companies like Replay don’t give basic instructions to help their devoted customers. Like volume control. We have gone through literally 5 ReplayTV remote controls. And this is just from regular use. We’re not chronic 30 second skippers (unless you’re watching House of Wax…and really you can get through that movie completely in 5 minutes). So yet again we gave in and bought another ReplayTV remote and of course its completely different from the one we bought 5 years ago. This one has one important button missing. The codeset button which was how you set the volume control. So after searching for 30 minutes on Google (which honestly is a ridiculous amount of time for something like this) I finally found it. And yes on the ReplayTV website but not in a clear way at all.

So if you want to set volume control with the ReplayTV remote on your very old Replay, go to the manual for the newest Replay TV and follow those instructions. Basically you hold the TV power button and the mute button till the LED blinks twice, enter the tv code for your tv (which you can find in their manual on page 26-28) and then it should work fine. Oh and by the way, their support website is very slow and some pages don’t come up at all.

So lame.

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