I knew that word meant something else. In Tagalog it’s a deragotory term similar to calling someone a “dick.” Closest to the sound also is “barat” which means: miserly. Saw this movie today and both definitions make complete sense.

Note to myself

Reread the Rocky Aoki story again. DId I read that right? Did he really say: “Three days, unconscious,” he says. When he woke up, he recalls, “I’m completely naked, tube in my penis. I see my wife standing over me, on one side. On other side, I see my girlfriend…. I say, ‘Ohhh … shiiit!’”… Continue reading


Is it wrong that I didn’t have a problem with the film version of Doom? It’s no Aliens, nothing can reach the level of that horror and suspense. But honestly it wasn’t that bad and I don’t even play the game.

My Background

For a project I’m working on soon I needed a background. Specifically some sort of cheap stand that would hold fabric. Well today I spent 2-3 hours making this. And it works and soon I’ll have some pictures of it. I now know that PVC basically is adult legos.