I'm scared of David Copperfield

I’ve been to Vegas several times but there was one year where I felt it was time to see a real magic show. So Creed and I decide to see David Copperfield because he was the biggest name we knew. We got exactly what we were expecting. A cheesy magic show that did indeed have good tricks but you couldn’t help but wonder do people really believe in this stuff. While I don’t believe that he is truly touched by the devil I do have to respect Copperfield. Not because he’s a great magician. But because the man genuinely scares me. First off, he’s tall. He walks around the whole theater and actually gets really close to you. He’s got like extra foreheads that make him seem even taller. His size is like a giant. Two, he has the most piercing eyes. Not the eyes that make you feel like you’re swooning over your teenage dreamboat. These are eyes that seem to go straight to your very core and makes you think “Yes David you are wonderful, you are indeed the king of all magicians, I must buy a t-shirt with your face on it.”

So it doesn’t surprise me that these teenagers who tried to rob Copperfield couldn’t steal anything from him. What surprised me was they weren’t freaked out by his scary presence.

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