FurCon at the DoubleTree Hotel

After having seen MTV’s “documentary” on Plushies and Furries and CSI’s episode (Fur and Loathing) at a FurCon I made a point of actually going to one today since it’s in my neighborhood.


A few thoughts:

1) Majority of attendees were Caucasian male men. From young men to the older gentlemen.

2) Commitment to detail was impressive. From the collars, to the ears, the shoes. Most outfits were put together with much care and love.

3) It’s amazing how quickly they can move in these suits. Although I didn’t see any of them dressed in full outfits they do DDR, they run and skateboard and do handstands.

4) There was a lot of animal on animal anime.

Contest involved animals to run and put together a "doomsday device"

I wasn’t around for the late night dance parties or the private room parties. I would love to hear what the janitorial staff see every morning.

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