Ho Ho Ho

Overall I love the holidays. The only thing I can’t stand are the generic Christmas cards. No, not the typical cards that have Santa or trees on it. But the ones that have a general message and aren’t specifically directed towards me. You’ve received them I’m sure. They’re the ones that are typically printed with some garlands or reindeers on the edges with some curly cue font and the message is always the same. Our 2 year old Sarah is doing just great, she’s become quite adept at finger painting. And we’re always hopeful with our son Bobby who’s 34 and is still working on his home internet business. The messages are always positive, always cheery and they end with “Much Love from the Novotny’s.” I get several of these a year from people I actually like. Don’t they see this makes them seem so fake. I know your son is a pot head and is sleeping on the couch all day working on his “internet business.” I know your daughter can barely paint a circle because you got drunk too late in the third trimester thus she’s kind of odd. Next year I’m seriously thinking of making some generic Christmas cards myself with something like this:

It’s been a banner year in the Elaine household. After a long struggle and many hours she finally completed the Battlestar Galactica series and is completely caught up. We’re so proud of our girl Elaine. Her goal of watching every crap tv show is going really well that she’s seriously considering getting a 3rd DVR to keep up with everything. In summer she was thinking of actually reading a book but really decided her brain’s best efforts were better used watching all episodes of 24. She hasn’t finished it yet, but give her time. Elaine also has really gotten into fried foods of the potato genre. She’s catalogued the best places in the Bay Area that serves fries and their assorted accoutrements. Oh, and we’re also proud of our girl Elaine cause she broke in a new pair of sneakers. That brings the number up to 10. Way to go Elaine!

Merry Christmas.

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