Boyfriend Chronology and the Music I Attach to Each of Them

Who do I attach this to: John
Highest points of relationship: First boyfriend ever, had red hair, the fact that he liked the same music as me, smelled really good
Lowest point of relationship: He broke up with me in the parking lot of a Taco Bell
Why this song? Like any morose, highly dramatic teenager this song spoke to the very depths of my very depressed soul. This song pretty much wore out the cassette tape.

Who do I attach this to: Jeff
High points of relationship: Made me really appreciate potatoes…of every variety.
Lowest point of relationship: Second guessing everything I did
Why this song? Jeff fancied himself to be an artist of all sorts. One being a musician. He would play Eric Clapton’s Unplugged album everyday. It would be like torture. But after we broke up the only thing I seemed to appreciate from it all was this album.

Who do I attach this to: Tobias
High points of relationship: He taught me that foreign films require patience. Sit through them quietly and 80 percent of the time they’ll have a point. The other 20 percent its pointless but at least they will be filmed beautifully.
Lowest point of relationship: His friends. They all had graduated from college and acted very pompous and arrogant. They didn’t even graduate from great schools like Harvard or Yale nor did they have jobs…so what the hell did they have to be so conceited for in first place?
Why this song? Toby would blast this song while we would go out on dates and would sing to it with all his heart. NOTE: I’m positive he wasn’t gay. And at the time I didn’t think much of it because I thought it was a great song. But now as I watch the video again I still remain confused. Maybe he liked singing it because it reminded him of the models. Perhaps it was just a guilty pleasure of his. And I totally understand guilty pleasures.

Another Moment that Reinforces Why C is Amazing.
C: I have to admit something to you
Me: What?
C: I really love this song. I’ve been listening to it secretly.
Me: Silence
C: Did you hear me? I’m purposely listening to Enrique Iglesias.
Me: I heard you……I like it too. I didn’t want to tell you because I was embarrassed but I kind of like it to. I turn it up on the radio when you’re not around.

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