What'dya mean we can't have dinner?

Two of my closest girlfriends are going through that amazing part of dating where you meet a guy, he’s amazing, he thinks you’re pretty brilliant too and things just seem to click. Frankly, its about time and I just get all happy inside when they IM me and say “um..sorry can’t have dinner with you tonight, going out with (enter hot boy’s name here)”. The one consistent thing I hear from all my single girlfriends about SF is we’ve been experiencing a drought of decent men for quite some time…so much so that my friends leave for different pastures like NY, London….or Israel (apparently the pickings are better there?). So I’m very happy for my two friends and I know what they’re going through right now is amazing. When everything that is happening between the two of them seems magical and mapped by fate.

What I always find interesting is to hear that moment when they feel that connection. That moment when you realize this isn’t just a physical attraction. That’s the moment when you realize you are totally screwed if this feeling you’re having with this guy doesn’t keep going you will be totally and truly completely devastated. It’s usually just a look, a touch of some sort, just something really small that pushes you to be completely undone.

For me it was his hands. He was on the phone and I wanted to measure our hands because he made a comment that I had ridiculously long fingers. And since I’ve always believed I was a bit man-handish I pulled his hand to mine to measure length. And there I was holding his hand next to mine, on top of mine. And that was it. We weren’t even dating at that time but that one moment just destroyed me. Holding his hand felt like I had come home. I was completely messed up because our situations were complicated, we couldn’t be together but eventually…after some fumblings it worked out. And now I can hold his hand whenever I want. And you can now enter vomit sound right here 🙂

So to my dear girlfriends, I’m watching you and yes gagging at the saccharine sweetness of your situation. And though I’ll give you crap for backing out on yet another meal with me, I totally understand. And it’s making me so very happy.

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