I love you Jon

Teenage girls these days with their texting on cellphones and notations in MySpace and Facebook will never get to experience the joy, the absolute mania that one goes through when writing an actual love letter to their equally awkward, pimple-ridden, overly hormonally boyfriend. Since I’m going through an insane move right now I’m finding old letters that are just about as embarrassing as the ones at I love you forever and always. These are several different girls writing love letters to this guy:

Oh yes. It must have been the strong chin and dark roots that made these girl’s hearts ache deep with love and adoration. I mean come on. He’s wearing a tie for god’s sakes. Even if it was a clip on. So hot.

One can deduce that it’s “the” Jon in all these letters that made this website. Can’t tell when I did a whois search on him.

Love the handwriting. You can just imagine them writing it with tears in their eyes as they were listening to this jewel of a song:

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