Not Fully Convinced

Being in the 30-something bracket you start getting different types of catalogs. The Free People and Urban Outfitters catalogues tend to go silent and then you start getting more Lands End-sy, Eddie-Bauer-ish catalogues. This is fine. I truly love my 30s because you’re automatically viewed as an adult who has responsibilities but you yourself know you’re completely juvenile reading Book TWo of Twilight while waiting for Gossip Girl to come on. I started receiving a catalog called Boden which personally I like. The clothes aren’t hoochie mama at all, there are no muffin-topper jeans, the prints are pretty and the colors are vibrant and nice. Easily I am their target audience but lately their pictures are just looking sad.

Does she not look like a tired Michelle Pfeiffer? I mean obviously she’s supposed to be the hip mom, but must she look so just dead inside?

This picture actually stopped me from buying this coat (and Jan knows I’ve been looking for a green coat for a while). It screams “hey I”m so saucy and hot…in my conservative green coat…don’t you want meeeeeeee.”

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