I didn't want to go to their friggin parties anyway….

My friend Richard commented on the Addidas video with this:

“God, it’s videos like this that remind me how badly I wanted to go to a cool kids house party in HS and college.”

Same here. When I was 16 I dreamt of going to cool parties like this:

I NEVER got invited to a party like this. Instead my weekends were spent making seriously morose mix-tapes while taking brooding yet ironic black and white photos in my closet. I heard about these parties….the Monday after they occurred.

…And now in my 30s I completely agree with Richard’s additional comment:

Now I look at this and can’t help but think also “oh god, all that noise! the mess!”

Same here. All I can think about is “Jesus Christ, my Dyson will be ruined!”

I am getting so old.

Thanks for Madcon’s Beggin Richard. I was going to search for it tonight but now I don’t have to. You’re so awesome.

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