Now I Understand Why I Never Really Liked Here

My friend Helen just pointed out something to me yesterday, the day of the finale of BSG. (Sob). Ellen Tigh is Benny Hanson. The slutty girl who tortured Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) in Pretty in Pink. It was seriously a OMFG moment when it all clicked. Now I understand why from the very beginning of BSG I never liked Ellen but I couldn’t figure out exactly why. Now I know. It’s the same feeling Creed has with Paul Reiser when he was in Mad About You. As a sitcom alone he hated it…but it was because of something more. And he realized when he watched Aliens. Paul Reiser screwed over Ripley and trapped her into being a host for the alien baby. Creed forever can’t like Paul Reiser for that.

That’s how I feel about Kate Vernon. I have a hard time liking her because of what she did to Molly. Oh and also because she dated James Spader. (Jealous much Elaine?) But damn…that girl aged well. Compared to Molly Ringwald she looks damn good.

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