Quantity Could Equal Quality

This post about how Megan Fox’s photo was chosen for the cover shot in Esquire magazine describes what I tell people all the time when they say they can’t take good pictures. I sincerely believe that everyone can shoot a great photograph if one has a huge SD card. When I first started photography I had to be really careful because film costs money and then you have to take into account developing and printing costs. With digital there is no cost other than the $20 you spent on the fat SD card. When taking pictures, shoot 10 shots of the same thing. Change the speed and the depth of field. Change the position you’re in. Stop. Breath. And look again. Things change in that small amount of time.

When I go out shooting I easily plan to shoot over 300 shots. And my average is 7-10 percent of them are going to be pretty decent. And maybe one of them will be just damn brilliant.

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