Bye Blogger, You Suck – Hello WP :)

I’ve tried converting multiple times but today was the first time everything worked seamlessly. And the reason for that can be summed up in 4 simple words:

Dreamhost One-Click Install

I had to look up some instructions how to do the import and export but overall it was easy. Just made a bunch of dumb mistakes which required me to install this thing like 5 times tonight. But now we’re in better place.

Blogger was literally taking about 3 minutes to load so I could login and update content. That’s a ridiculous amount of time when I feel the urge to share something as important like this lovely Tears for Fears song:

Which was brought to me by this story in Boingboing

If you’ve subscribed to me before please update your links. Frankly I think only 4 people are reading this so no big deal right?

1 Comment Bye Blogger, You Suck – Hello WP :)

  1. Amy

    I love the new site design, and am very glad that I can now comment. Get ready Elaine, get ready for my comments.

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