Come out come out wherever you are

I am deathly afraid of spiders. Don’t like ’em. Never have. So I’ve been on a search for a good spider catcher and after much analysis I bought the Bugzooka. And its wicked awesome.

I just creeped myself out watching this bug. Ew.

2 Comments Come out come out wherever you are

  1. Jan

    OMG!! I so need that. My catch rate isn’t very good. When I see spider crawling on my walls, after I’m done freaking out and dragging over my vacuum cleaner, by the time it’s plugged in and I’m set to suck the bugger up, it has the nerve to creep away. Where did you get? How much does it cost? What are you supposed to do with IT once you’ve caught IT? Do you open the door and set it free, or is that thing in the center going to zap it silly?

  2. Mark

    Amy and I got the Bugzooka from my siblings as a joke, because they know how much I hate bugs. The Bugzooka is the way to go. We use it all the time. We even got Amy’s parents one, because they saw ours and thought it was a great idea.

    I have to confess, we caught two spiders in the same chamber one night. But, it was the middle of the night and we decided to release them in the morning. Alas, when morning came, there was only one spider left. Two men enter, one man leave…

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