Pumping Iron

Creed is teaching me how to use weights. Its something i’m not used to and frankly I find it very intimidating. Each day it gets easier. But its just the oddest experience. Creed said that I should watch Pumping Iron because it will really help me understand a little bit more about the whole weightlifting… Continue reading


Today I had lunch with a group including a law professor who talked about how he’s worried about his son’s interest in fashion. Apparently his son has become quite interested in the art of sewing and design and this law professor was perplexed how exactly he was going to accept this. His son is about… Continue reading

Sans Pants

You know why I love this shirt. Its not because of the phrase. Well the phrase is cute. But what really makes me happy about this image is its the true image of Kool-Aid Man. Without pants. I’ve had issues with Kool-Aid man wearing pants.

Robert Carlyle

I’m not a drinker at all. But I love listening to Robert Carlyle. Thankfully they added subtitles. Its approx 6 minutes long but its a really well done ad. The timing and preparation that went into this is spot on. Total psycho. But he’s a mate. So what can you do?