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Its been about 6 months since I’ve uploaded a new batch of daily photos and I blame the lateness on two things. Switching jobs AND homes at the same exact time is not cool.

Creed always asks me why I take these photos and the main reason is to remind me what I was thinking on a certain day. Its better than a diary because photos don’t lie.

Take 3/25/09, its a Wednesday. Just left work and obviously not right in the head.

Or 12/25/2008. Xmas day in a jimjilbang in Korea. Relaxed after a 200 pound Korean woman pounded hot rocks on my body.


So again…6 months of some awesomeness but mostly just dumbness. Selling, moving and buying a new home sucks. While at the same time changing jobs. And I’m reminded of what happened by the photos.

March 2009
We found a house we really loved in Mountain View and got turned down. I think the main reason why I loved it was because they had silent stoppers on the kitchen drawers. You know…the ones where you try to slam them really hard and at the last minute the drawer goes slow and shuts quietly. Its f&*king awesome. The 16 year old me is so depressed with the 36 year old me right now.

For 6 months we slept on the floor in sleeping bags in a rental apartment till we found our new home. Not cool.

This was our tv set up.


Swanky yes?

Thankfully friends kept me happy. Like Jan who let me try out some hair she bought on QVC.

This is borrowed hair from Jan. She bought it from QVC. Though I think its wrong to buy hair...I do enjoy this.

If you’ve never been to an open house its awesome. It’s so much fun to see what people think is cool and in fashion. We went to one house and they had 6 super sized portraits of each family member done like this:

When you go to open houses take down your personal photos or else dorks like me will post it and analyze every detail with much joy

I love everything about this photo. The frame. The clothes. The little velvet lined chair.

Also in May we went to North Carolina. Super humid and hot but saw my in-laws who were lovely. They have antique technology which I find precious.

Why hello. Its the 80s calling

What’s awesome about NC is Creed’s mom shows me old photos. Can’t show it here because well Creed thinks the internet will steal his soul. But trust me. Its hot.

Seriously if I met Creed in high school two things would have absolutely occurred:
1) I would fall madly in love with him. I mean look at him. I die.
2) I would write pages and pages documenting what he did that day, what car he drove, what he ate, what kind of music he liked, what noises he made when he was bored, how he smelled, when he laughed…. I was a bit of a stalker in high school if you couldn’t tell already. If you’re my friend you know this is ok because I’ve been using my stalker skills for good.

This is a picture of me at 5:22am in NC. That morning I slammed face first in my in-laws storm door. Who puts glass doors in front of a real door? SERIOUSLY. Obviously I’m from LA.


When we returned we found another house we liked. Loved it. It had a pool. And yet again…we got turned down. Creed was happy because he felt it was owned by the mob and was too good to be true.

We drowned our miseries at In-n-Out.


We then visited an open house in Redwood City and frankly…. I’m scared to admit that one of the big reasons I wanted it is because it smelled like cookies when we walked inside. (My mother is shaking her head right now).

We literally went to over 50+ homes and this was the only house where the realtor used the cookie strategy. And it worked. We bid. It got accepted and we were done.

The same week we got approved my boss started his move to the east coast. I threw a party for him. It had ice cream cake.


And friends.

Saw Up with Jan.

Do you know how hard it is to cry when you’re wearing two sets of glasses? Not easy.

Said goodbye to our apartment complex that had a pool. Old dudes like to talk to Creed in the pool. Make your own judgments about that.

Then during the whole loan process I got the most epic zit.


Birds attacked our truck.


July 1 was the first time I had seen our couch since 2008.


That’s me sitting on it. Happy.

Now…for the first time in many years….I now work primarily with women. This is very new to me. They smell alot better than what I’m used to.

Folks I work with

Friends helped us celebrate the new house and my new birthday.

Garin, Melissa, and Nathan

And so now we’re in September and I’m back on schedule with the batch uploads.




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