Shout out to Jen

I hope you’re able to drop it like its hot in good ol’ Michigan like dis:

4 Comments Shout out to Jen

  1. Richard

    I love how you can’t see Madge for more than half a second… and even then, it’s under super-bright lights, an all-white room, and under all that swept-over hair/sequined sleeves.

  2. Richard

    Also, I’m mentally preparing myself for the shock when Nathan starts singing this to me.

  3. Jen

    haha, I forgot to respond to this shout out! I suck. I didn’t even get to do a class in MI. But, I did get my groove on at the Elks Lodge with Greg G 🙂 We had a funky time! (He was dancing with other chicks, and I was pissing bitches off and making eyes at hunky mid-western boys.)

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