Bon Jovi

Thanks Jackie! This is going to be fascinating.

My friend Jackie was kind enough to get us into Inside the Actor’s Studio with Bon Jovi.

Waiting for the Bon Jovi magic

2.5 hours into the interview and we were only halfway through the blue cards. RIDICULOUS. Good interview, Jon’s got great hair, Richie doesn’t seem like a tool at all, James Lipton looked weird. They played basically every big hit of theirs acoustically. Kind of the most awesomest way to see this band. Overall a very good night.

Throughout the night Helen and I had to whisper to Jackie the importance of certain songs with details like why Young Guns II was an important film and what the typical Bon Jovi fan is like. Rather than explain I’ll just show:

Triumph on Bon Jovi from chris bossard on Vimeo.

Thank you Jackie for making my last night in NY a truly NY experience.

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  1. Jackie

    It was a great experience, an education for me.
    Glad we could go together. You need to come to NY more often!

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