Mom didn’t allow my brother and I to watch tv on weekdays. This was just a set rule. But easily broken since she worked the late shift at the hospital. Which meant we could watch anything we wanted from 3pm-11pm at night. Not a good idea for an 11-year-old. Especially when you watch scenes like this (skip to 2:48 if you’d rather not watch the build up):

Yes. I know. Looking at it now it’s lame. The alien baby had blue eyes for god’s sakes. That freeze frame at the very end… jesus that petrified me. This was the first time I was clearly shaken to my very core. The sound that baby made was just wrong. My brother thought it was awesome. It hurt me. It’s what I think about when people ask me “why don’t you have a baby?”

So. Of course I’ll try out ABC’s new version. Let’s just hope they have better puppets.

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