Why I don’t buy books at bookstores anymore

There are many reasons why I have a strong aversion to buying in real time. It could be the unhealthy compulsion to want to alphabetize the shelves when I see things are not in order. The full retail prices are another strong reason. There’s always some creepy dude in the manga section. But really the main reason why I don’t like to go is because of author events. Every so often, a bookstore will have a new author in their store ready to autograph their books. Sadly, they are not always well known authors. So I end up in a situation like what happened to me yesterday. I’m walking around the bookstore browsing, perusing the different New Moon special magazines just released for the holiday season, when a man comes up behind me and says:

Do you like mysteries?

And I turn around and realize I am right in front of a table stacked high with his latest book. Here sits a lone author with pen in hand waiting for someone to buy his book so he can sign it with some witty saying.

I feel really horrible that the only thing that came out of my mouth when he asked that question was:

Ummm not today.

I ran away really hoping not to get suckered into buying a $29.95 hardcover mystery about some dude and his search for the truth in a dark and dirty world while also being damaged in his own personal way, fighting demons both inner and outer. No. I cannot. I’m sorry sir. Please point me to the crock pot cookbooks.

If you’re a new writer trying to get an audience, start a blog. Lure people in with your words. Don’t stand there and hawk your wares like you’re at a swap meat. You’re better than that.

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