If its Euro and Its a Period Piece I’m Going to Love It

Stayed up till 1am last night watching Coco Before Chanel .

Even though flecks of aging are starting to show on Audrey Tatou she was fantastique. I’ve been listening to Alexandre Desplat’s soundtrack for this movie over and over. This happened to me with Amelie….and its happening again here.

What I found disturbing throughout was Alessandro Nivola, who is American, acting as a British dude who speaks French 99 percent of the time. Its Pollux Troy being French. I’m not sure how to accept this. I wonder if French people cringe at his accent. My California ears thought it was just fiiiiiine 🙂

Word of advice. Watch Shirley MacClaine’s version of Chanel BEFORE you watch Tatou’s take on it.

This way you’ll cringe less. I mean it IS Lifetime. You have to lower your standards. Like super down loooooow.

1 Comment If its Euro and Its a Period Piece I’m Going to Love It

  1. Richard

    I’m so glad that I already watched the Lifetime version then… I’m primed for this!

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