What do you take to the Olympics? Teddy Bears. Of Course!

I think I found my favorite Olympic athlete and his name is Johnny Weir.

According to the AP:

He brought three 70-pound suitcases stuffed with everything from candles to his teddy bear. Weir has all the details covered, down to ensuring that his clothes will smell of a familiar scent if he does laundry.

He’s got a picture of Lady Gaga in his hotel room. And of course he’s done a routine to her song.

I think I’m in love. His awesomeness overwhelms me.

And look at him with his eyelashes and lip gloss. How can you not love this man?

His comment on why men don’t really get into figure skating:

They want to see spandex and men hitting each other’s asses and throwing a ball….very different…..


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