Note to the Ex’s of the World

If you’re trying to talk to your ex from 10+ years ago, don’t ask your NEIGHBOR to direct message the girl/guy through Facebook to sing your praises and then end it with “hey he’s divorced and so hot” with your phone number.

It shows (1) you don’t know how to use the internets and it makes you look dumb and (2) we’re all older now. Its not high school and you’re trying to pass a note during History class. Stop being a coward. Just friggin get whatever account the guy/girl is on, email/DM directly and see what happens.

Cause right now buddy, she’s sharing it with all her friends and we’re all mocking you. WE ARE ALL MOCKING YOU. Instead of us telling her to ya know…email and check him out…just talk…it could be fun. We are denigrating you for not knowing how to use email. I mean come on. Seniors are on FB. Its not that friggin hard.

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