The Sorter

When I was a little girl I would pretend I was a librarian. Being around books was the most exciting thing for me but the part that was far more exciting was the chance to stamp the books with due dates. For some reason, pulling out the library card in the books and stamping with the due date was the most fascinating experience ever. If you pull out some of my childhood books you’ll notice in the front cover there are due dates.

Mom only let us watch tv an hour a week. I had to fill up the time with something.

Related to library books was something I saw in the NY Times. They have a new massive sorter system now. It looks totally cool.

I know now you can check out books electronically. Which is sad cause I like the stamps.

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  1. Richard

    My librarian sister let me see one of these book sorters in action in Milpitas. So awesome.

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