Mission in the Mix

You may not know this but I had dreams of being a cheerleader. I wanted the short skirt, the pony tail, the socks. I wanted it all. Yeah this whole dark, moody, gothic thing that I’ve been holding close to my heart is simply because I was denied the chance to be on the Wilmington Junior High School drill team. I ended up in the spelling bee club. This did not calm my soul. Drill team girls had to wear green sequined unitard. I spent weekends reading the dictionary.

I got cut in the first round of drill team tryouts. Walking home that day I cursed the whole damn business of cheer. I walked home thinking “wow this is what a broken heart feels like.”

So to resolve over 20 years of grief….. I joined Mission in the Mix. Me and my gorgeous friend Jen

(see how cute she is. oh yeah that’s gavin newsom behind her)
joined this dance workshop where we get to perform 6 nights of hip hop sluttiness. This is the last weekend of performances and by Sunday I will have resolved this whole cheerleading business.

It will be done and I will be fine.

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