He asked. I said yes.

Eleven years ago today Creed proposed his hand in marriage. I won’t go into detail of how sweet the proposal was but just know it was beautiful and perfect. Instead I want to share two moments that I’ve had with Creed that define alot of who he is and why I love him.

When I first met Creed, he was my boss at a bookstore. Don’t get all judgmental. He didn’t ask me out till I quit. Like a proper gentleman, he would call to ask me out. But since I lived at home and had a mother who kept forgetting to switch the phone line from the fax to the phone, he would be greeted with electronic feedback. So being the smart cookie he is, he faxed this message to me.


My mom handed me this fax and was like “Who the hell is this and why did he spell your brother’s name wrong?” And I just remember smiling all day because I was friggin gaga over him and this was actual confirmation that he kinda was possibly interested in me.

My second memory that I love about Creed was when I visited him in grad school. I was studying in England, he was studying in Illinois. For 2 years we were in different timezones. Mind you, this is before IM, video chat and cheap/free internet so it was extremely expensive phone calls. Actual hard copy letters got us through several years of being apart.

I was waiting at the curb for my ride to the airport back to the UK and we were both getting really sad at the idea that yet again we were going to be split apart. And for some reason Creed started reciting the words to Will Smith’s “Gettin Jiggy With It.” If you’ve ever met Creed you know he’s incredibly dorky. So hearing him “sing” this song sent me into tears of laughter. We put this song in our wedding cd. It makes me smile every time I hear it.

I love you honey. You’re my dork. Forever.

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