Spirit Fingers :)

So in a few weeks Creed and I are celebrating 10 years of not killing each other.
And it makes me happy because he and I have experienced 10 years of really sweet romantic moments and some pretty awkward weirdness. Which kind of defines our relationship? Yay 🙂

Case in point. Our honeymoon.

This song played EVERYWHERE during our honeymoon. In restaurants, in the airport terminal, in the shopping centers, on the car radio.

When Tracy Chapman sings this song I want to cry.
But when happy Hawaiians sing it I’m like “this is awesome 🙂 “!!!! So instead of thinking of the song we originally chose for our wedding life I instead think of Ale’a.

So Creed and I like to watch movies. Alot. So of course on our honeymoon we gots time to see a movie. And this is what was out at the time:

I don’t know how Creed felt…but for me.




Sidenote: Creed saw Willie Nelson in the bathroom of the movie theatre. So instantly I ask if he saw Willie’s willie. And he was like no Elaine. I didn’t check.


Lets enjoy one of the best moments shall we?

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