Nicholas Higgins from North and South = John Bates from Downton Abbey = Brendan Coyle

Last night I started watching North and South because I was in the mood for something british, I’ve already watched Sherlock like 12 times, and The Guild Season 5 wasn’t available since we don’t have an Xbox. And North and South so far is providing all that is needed. Women in huge gowns that involve corsets, tension between the upper and lower classes, knowing looks from posh ladies, overly proud men wearing top coats and hats. And as I’m watching there’s one scene where a lower class guy helps an upper class lady. And when I see the guy I’m like “ya know I really trust him.” He looks familiar and it finally dawned on me who the hell he is.

It’s Bates from Downton Abbey. Hairy chest and all.

The hairy chest threw me off and it was kind of like seeing your Dad wear Speedos for the first time. Overall his character is good…but lord when is Downton coming back?

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