Divorce sucks. Unless you’re watching Aliens. Then it’s totally fine.

My parents divorced when I was pretty young. Overall it wasn’t fun. Going to different houses every other weekend, fighting with two completely different sets of parents, making friends in different neighborhoods. It’s not great. Especially when you’re a gawky girl with a fierce underbite who likes Lode Runner. Don’t know Lode Runner? Here ya go. Take it all in. He can dig holes AND he can swing. Oh wait. He can climb ladders!

Ok. Back to divorce and how it messes up the kids for life….(I’m kidding Mom, it’s all good)…The one great thing about divorce is your parents feel incredibly guilty and they do things that no sane parent would do.

Like take you to see a double feature of Aliens and The Fly 2.

I was 15. My brother was 10. I know. That seems SO OLD these days. 15-year-olds today have seen things that would be considered XXX back in the 80s. But trust me, back then if you were under 18 you really didn’t watch rated R movies. At least not in my Asian house. (The first rated R movie that I snuck into was “Less than Zero” and that blew my precious pure mind but that’s another story).

We saw these previews and said “Hey Dad, can we see Aliens?”
My Dad “Of course. Hey it’s playing with the Fly 2. Pack a lunch.”

Who cares about missing daylight for 5+ hours when you’ve got aliens and genetic experiments gone wrong?
Game over, man. Game over.

To make this outing even more bonkers crazy awesome….we saw it in the Cinerama Dome in LA. For a kid that’s awesome. That’s where friggin E.T. premiered.

So. Yeah. I’m a bit excited about the new Prometheus movie. Of course it’s about the aliens and god knows what else Ridley Scott will come up with…. but it also reminds me of my dad and how for several hours being a kid of divorced parents wasn’t bad at all.

It was kind of awesome.

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