Yet Another Place to Whip Your Hair Around Uforia Studios Nob Hill

Each month I’ve been trying to find a teacher I’ve never taken a class from before. Not because my current playlist of teachers are boring, far from it. They’re amazing. But I find that when I take a class from someone I’ve never taken before, my dancing gets better. I’m forced to learn a new way to move, I have to adjust to the teacher’s timing and style. And hey, I love a new dance studio.

So when Uforia Studios updated the world that they were opening a SF Nob Hill location I was down. I was like:


I’ve taken classes at Uforia Studios in Palo Alto and it is a lovely place. The people who go there are beautiful in all their sizes. No, it’s not super tiny XXXS Lululemons only. It’s every size which I think is good and perfect and wonderful.

The only downside to the Palo Alto location is the size. The studio is much smaller than studios in SF and because the classes are so great, it’s packed. So it sometimes feels like an LA dance class. PACKED. Awesome but packed.

So when I walked up to Uforia’s Nob Hill location I was like hmmm. This is promising.


Then I saw the dance studio




I took Briana Mitchell’s 9:30am Saturday Hip Hop Club class and good lord I was sweaty by the end of it.  Sweaty like you betta bring a second sports bra cause that first one is going to be SOAKED IN SWEAT by the time you’re done with class.

This class is perfect for absolute beginners. Briana breaks down the moves slowly and repeats over and over again. The moves aren’t terribly complicated which gives you a lot of room to add your own sassiness, fierceness, or conservative punch. Whatever floats your boat.

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For my friends who are dance diehards, why would I recommend you take what is clearly a beginner class? Because it’s good for you. It gives you a chance to really focus on the moves and perfect it. And the difference with Uforia Studio classes from regular hip hop classes I’ve taken = YOU RARELY STOP DANCING. These classes are cardio based which means very little breaks. So your heart rate is going to be up up up. Which means afterwards you can stuff that burito in in in.

The downstairs section of Uforia has a cycling class. I don’t do bikes. But the music was PUMPING in this room. So it looked like everyone was having a good time.


They also hand out blueberries and chilled white towels after class. They have huge showers too. Overall it’s just a nice place.


One more detail. It’s a small but significant thing. Their water fountain. It’s the type of water fountain that’s easy to fill up a water bottle. I forgot to take a picture of it but trust me, it’s lovely.

So since you read my blog along with my mom (hi mom) Uforia Studios was kind enough to give me a promo code so you can get 50% off all single and class packs (10, 20, 30 and 50) at their Nob Hill location. The promo code is: Elaine
The promo will work till the end of March 2015.

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