I worked for Macromedia for 2 years so hearing this news makes me happy and sad. Their products were good. I mean I love Dreamweaver and Flash. It worked, it did the job and it did it well. Say what you will about WYSIWYG editors, it worked and it made my job so much easier…. Continue reading

Tokyo Maps

I’m reminding myself to put this down because a friend is leaving for Tokyo tomorrow and she didn’t have these maps with her. superfuture is the most USEFUL creator of shopping maps period. Their map of Tokyo was my personal guide to all things cool in Tokyo…and believe me you need a guide because there’s… Continue reading


It’s disturbing that only after 9 months of buying my Nokia phone, it is now so obsolete. It’s basically a Yugo. This commercial makes me feel like my phone is a bicycle. I want the Mercedes Benz of phones. Or how about the Infiniti FX of phones? My phone has a piece of clear tape… Continue reading


If you haven’t Tivo’d “Plushies and Furries” that plays late at night on MTV do it now. Growing up in LA I thought I heard it all. Cross dressers, transvestites, goth boys/girls, butch vatos with lipstick dykes…this normal fare. You hear about people going to Star Trek conventions and dressing up. But I’ve never heard… Continue reading