Why do you wear that stupid man suit?

I can’t believe that I missed Donnie Darko while growing up in Torrance. How could I grow up in the south bay of suburbia and now realize that this movie existed? I just rented the Director’s Cut of Donnie Darko and its fantastic. Not only does it have music by INXS and Echo and the Bunnymen (fabulous) but there are like a ton of well-known stars in. Jake Gyllenhall, his sister Maggie, Drew Barrymore, Noah Wylie, Patrick Swayze just to name a few. I’m really surprised I never watched this movie till 2005. It’s kind of like David Lynch but a rabbit has replaced the midget and the storyline makes more sense…sort of.

You MUST watch the #1 Fan which is included in this 2-DVD set. It’s frightening, it’s weird, it’s hilarious. I love it. Then read this when you’re done. It’s a spoiler so don’t read it unless you’ve seen it already.

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