Love and S&M

Bravo has been playing it’s 100 Scariest Moments and I realized that there are alot of movies that I haven’t seen. I rented one they recommended and without a doubt, it messed me up. Audition by Takashi Miike is about a father of a 17 year old boy who decides that it’s time he remarry. It’s Japanese so there are some cultural details that I’m not sure would work well here in the states. Particularly his technique of finding a young lady by auditioning 30 women who think they are being cast for a television show. That alone horrifies me but the girl he picks turns the tables in a way that I had a really hard time watching. She is the most beautiful and wicked torturer I’ve ever seen depicted in television. When she’s sticking needles into the bottom of the man’s eyes while sweeting saying “deeper, deeper” you’re going to be so freaked out. Hey even Rob Zombie, creator of House of 100 Corpses, was creeped out.

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