Muffin Toppin It

So Helen is visiting for a short while and explained to us folks a term that her boyfriend Alec coined that so perfectly describes a phenomenon happening in fashion lately.

Helen: You know what “Muffin Toppin It” means right?

You know…when a girl is wearing pants way too tight and too low for her own good so she allows her body to sort of ooze over the top of her pants. What does it look like?

Amy understands perfectly.

And on a separate note, my friend Mark took this picture.

What is that on the left? A sink? A urinal for small people? We women do not see these sorts of things lately so really, please explain if you know.

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  1. JJ

    I asked a couple of men co-workers and they have no idea what that mystery thingamajig is so I sent and email to our internal thread called “Hoity-toity Mystery”. So one guy replied that since it’s in CA, and being that CA is all environmentally conscious, perhaps it’s a water free urinal.

    But then I thought even though Green’s is a posh place to eat, perhaps that IS a urinal, but it’s for men that have to really, really pee ALOT — you know, like when Austin Powers woke up from being in a deep freeze for so long, so they need a something with a bigger capacity.

    Anyway, this gave everyone at the office a chuckle. And no, I didn’t give them your blog address — I copied the picture and used that in my email.

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