Oh Yeah

I didn’t grow up in a house with Kool-Aid. Mom believed in brown rice, tap water and mustard greens. However, we did get a sample pack of Kool-Aid in the mail. But really if you don’t have tons of sugar at your disposal (like us), its just metallic-tasting, colored water. So to me, Kool-Aid was that sweet ambrosia that I promised myself when I became an adult I would drink in gallons, buckets and truckloads. I also allow all lights on in my house while two tvs are blaring and the bathroom sink is running because I want scalding hot water when I wash my hands. Not luke.

So yesterday my favorite podcast talked about how Kool Aid man looks different these days and I remembered seeing a tv commercial lately with him in it. Gone is him blasting through walls screaming in that low bravado “Oh yeaaaah.”

Now he wears khakis.
And he’s on a skateboard.
And he’s thin.

Thin Kool-Aid man? So now Kool-Aid is healthy and lively and fresh and cool.

Hmmmm. Where’s my tap water?

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