In LA I would listen to the radio all the time. KROQ and KCRW would be my only choices when driving on the 101. Maybe it’s age or just the change in music styles these days but I can’t bear to listen to radio. It sounds like everyone is trying to copy a band that wasn’t good in the first place. So I find myself just browsing through iTunes listening to previews till some hook grabs me. Pandora plays full length songs of artists or songs that I enter. So if I enter Bjork, I get Imogen Heap, Mono, Client and Rosetta Stone. Out of all those I recognize hmmm 2. So Pandora is my new favorite website of the week. Hmmm…look at that. Put in Pussycat Dolls and you get a bunch of artists who shop in the same Bebe store. Fascinating.

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