Bronski Beat + September

In junior high I was assigned a task that involved me having to write up something that most likely was overdramatic, poseur gothic, and terribly juvenile. It most likely had lots of feeling in it. A scene in the rain too. The important detail about that project was we had to put it in newspaper format. Create a whole front page with your story. This was definitely waaaay before the day of the internet and blogs where you actually had to work really hard to get published. (Thankfully now you need $0 to get that done). So the idea of me getting published on the front page of a faux newspaper that I had complete control over was very interesting to me. (Enter dork image here).

The story I wrote was forgettable but I remember working late into the night designing my front page. Pull out quotes, pictures, everything was in order except for the name of the paper. It was 2am and Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy came on KROQ and I thought…eh that’ll do. At the very top in the best Times New Roman writing I could muster in dark black I wrote: BRONSKI BEAT. Ya know…because of newspaper beats….beating to your own drum….get it? Ok it was a stretch but I figured since most of the people in my class were fans of rap chances were slim they didn’t know this was a band. And I was right. Except for my teacher who probably wondered why I named my design after a gay band.

A band in Sweden just reminded me how big a dork I was am.

September – Cry For You

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