Micaya and Emerson

Now anyone who sees me on a daily basis knows I’m quite conservative in look. I don’t wear low cut, muffin topper jeans. I’m not particularly expressive in the frontal chest area. I pretty much have an oxford button down in every color and if an outfit has a particularly J. Crew-ish look to it, I need it. I want it. I’m into lambwools. I admire the look of librarians.

So its a surprise….no actually….its a shock to many when I tell them I’ve been taking hip hop dance lessons for about 1.5 years. Yes hip hop. Yes I can move my moneymaker. Yes I can drop it like its hot.

The goal would be to dance like Luam one day.

Yeah…..a total dream. Its going to be a while for me to get to that point. But if there’s anyone who can teach me it’s Micaya and Emerson.

Micaya is the most amazing hip hop choreographer in the Bay Are. Without a friggin doubt. She’s inspiring, she’s crass, and I totally love her. Tonight she basically told us to stick our asses up in the air so she could see our a$$hole. Yeah. She’s that classy. She’s definitely not G-rated but I adore her to pieces. She organizes the SF Hip Hop Dance Festival which I’m expecting to be a truly amazing show.

The other amazing dance teacher I have (I have 5 by the way) is Emerson Aquino at City Dance.

He’s Filipino. So obviously there’s brown love. Co-founder of Funkanometry. Just the most brilliant of men around.

Dude just knows how to work it. It makes me feel very odd that this man has taught me how to channel my inner diva minx complete with super long wavy weave, 4 inch stilleto heels and bitchy attitude to match. And I thank him everyday for that.

World of Dance - 2008

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