Fake Pecs

So I’m on my 8th day trying to finish Wrath of Kahn. My husband apparently thinks its very odd that I’ve never seen this “classic.” He’s also kind of astonished I’ve never actually seen Predator from beginning to end (So its just a hunt? Really, isn’t that all it is?). Now, I’m not a Star Trek fan. Its just too corny. The outfits don’t make sense to me. Well except the mini-dresses. Those are just a little bit of awesome.

Since Joss Whedon has been quiet lately, JJ Abrams is my new favorite geek-man director. Alias destroyed me (before Afleck ruined it). I watched three seasons of Lost in a weekend and now I’m completely hooked. So I’m just a “tad” excited that JJ Abrams has re-done this movie with some younger folks, including Harold!!! (John Cho from Harold and Kumar if you didn’t know what I’m talking. I’m just happy to see that this role didn’t go to someone like…oh I don’t know…Shia LaBoeuf who seems to be getting every actiony-star role late….I’m just happy when Asians get jobs).

But what really perplexes me is Ricardo Montalban’s chest. That isn’t real, is it? That couldn’t possibly be real. I started watching it thinking yeah that’s totally his chest, the way the skin moves with his body is too seamless. But now on my 8th day, with the fake cuts on his body since his ship got attacked….I’m just not sure.

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