My Filipino Pride is So Showing Right Now

Ok so I’m probably coming late on this…like always. Even though I’m on the internets like 10 hours a day…I do miss the important stuff.

I’m in iTunes today and they show me this:

Because Rock Band 2 has made me love Journey more then ever now, I’m all about hitting that “Buy Album” button.

But before I do I sit because you know…the economy and all…Elaine you should be saving. So I go to youtube and play some Journey songs so I can really admit to myself. Yes I do love Steve Perry. Yes its a fact and I need to accept that.

Then I see this:

And I’m like WTF.

Arnel Pineda sounds exactly like Steve. And he’s currently the front man for Journey?!!

And he’s a brown brother.

This video compares the two and I’m just stunned. He’s really friggin good.

Then for some reason I start thinking about Rob Schneider and how he’s half Filipino (like me). Apparently he won the JC Penny Half Asian Award. I’m not joking. I never am sure how to feel about him.

1 Comment My Filipino Pride is So Showing Right Now

  1. martha

    Sure, Philipines must be proud.Talented people!!!!Congratulations Arnel.

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