Thomas Wolfe was right…you can't go home again

I grew up in LA so its always home to me. But this weekend will be my second trip home and I know its going to make me feel odd. Lately, LA makes me feel like a tourist. The places I remember are now replaced with tanning salons and yet another coffeehouse. Believe me I love coffee houses. I worked in one for 2 years. If you watch the very first episode of Angel… that coffee house in that show… that was Yesterday’s in Redondo Beach. That was my place of employment before they totally revamped it and brought vampires through it. Anywho….I find myself lost in the town I grew up in. That makes me sad because my memory of things are fading and the locales were my touchstone to the past. I’ve documented a few images for myself. But alot has changed. And I’m starting to feel like John Cusack’s character in Grosse Point Blank when he returns home and finds that his childhood home has turned into a 24 hour convenience store. I’m having major WTF moments every time I go back.

The one change I actually am happy about and I’m hoping soon they’ll be in the Bay Area… Pinkberry. God that stuff is like crack.

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