JPG Mag goes bye bye

I joined JPG Mag specifically because Derek Powazek and Heather Champ created it. I’ve met Heather twice and pretty much stood dumbfounded and silent because I think she’s brilliant. I saw Derek walking around the Metreon the weekend Batman came out and pretty much freaked out. They are truly my most favoritest internet couple.

Even with the drama that surrounded JPGMag and Powazek’s/Champ’s departure I’m still sad to hear that they’re closing shop on Monday. It was a really cool community and some pretty beautiful photographs came out of it but with the economy the way it is….it doesn’t surprise me. .

If you’re wanting to try another cool magazine that has the spirit of JPGMag I’d go with Fray, the newest creation from Powazek. Its not photograph heavy but more focused on personal stories. Pretty amazing stories.

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