Thanks to Creative Commons and my boss I’ve had the luck to meet some pretty amazing people. 95 percent of the time my connections are purely virtual through emails and IM. But there are rare moments when I can actually meet these people and finally I met Judge Jong-Su Yoon (Chief Project Lead for CC Korea) and Yeong Eun (or Chloe as we like to call her who also is integral in volunteer efforts for CC Korea).

Chloe and Judge Yoon

We had breakfast and ate this:

Typical Korean breakfast

which was awesome.

Judge Yoon gave me an experience I will never forget in my entire life.
He bought me and my husband tickets to see JYP.

If you’re a typical American like me, you have no clue who JYP is. But in Korea he’s kind of a big deal. Think of him like a Korean P. Diddy. With fantastic abs.

Here’s one of his videos:

(Thanks Richard for this link…I think I’ve watched this video like 20 times so far)

I’m still kind of shocked at Yoon’s generosity and kindness…but overall I’m just really impressed by how cool he was. I mean he’s a judge. But I’ve honestly never met a judge as cool as him.

JYP’s concert was the most surreal experience I’ve ever been in. I understood practically nothing since most of the songs were in Korean. We were surrounded by mostly women both young and old screaming JYP, JYP, JYP, JYP!!!!! Some of the songs and moves were kind of corny and I could see how he was borrowing from Justin Timberlake, Lil John, P Diddy, Will Smith… but you know what…it works. It just works. My husband stared in awe at the show. He’s not into concerts at all but he was like me: completely mesmorized by what we were watching. It was like we were aliens visiting some new world. Where everything was pink and poppy and pretty. Oh with lots of gyrations. Lots of pelvic thrusts.

Thanks Judge Yoon and Chloe for being such amazing hosts. Everytime I think of JYP’s moves I’ll think of you….not sure if that’s a good thing but I like to think it is.

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